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“Ateitis CUP” season ends with Feyenoord and “Dinamo” Kiev triumph

For 8 weekends in a row, the biggest Baltic countries children football tournament “Ateitis CUP”, held its final tournament of the year. The final weekend held the U7 tournament with Rotterdam’s “Feyenoord” became the grand champions and U9 where “Dinamo” Kiev were triumphant. In 3 days 53 teams played a total of 168 matches.

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“Ateitis CUP” for the second time in a row, Russia prevails

The biggest Eastern Europe children football tournament, “Ateitis CUP”, held the U-8 tournament this weekend. From 36 teams, Moscow’s “Deviatka” stood out, winning the final 1:0 against the Polish Gdansk “Jaguar”. Bergamo “Atalanta” ending only in 7th place.

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“Ateitis CUP” U11 – trophy goes to Russia, while Liverpool and India under performs

The sixth weekend of “Ateitis CUP” was exceptional as for the first time in 9 years – a team from India participated.

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