To this day, we have been waiting for a final response from our foreign teams regarding participation, so we have to report the sad news that foreign teams have refused to come to Lithuania because of the war in Ukraine. Therefore, we are canceling the U8, U7 and U6 age group tournaments this spring.

For this reason, we are calling You to come to the Ateitis CUP Young Talents 2022 tournament. The Ateitis CUP Young talents is a new project that we will be organizing from May this year. The main goal is the participation of top football academies from all over Europe and a special focus on playing beautiful football. So we invite your team to the Ateitis CUP Young Talents tournament, which will take place on May, in Vilnius.

We want to apologize for this situation, but we do not want to organize a tournament that does not meet our quality standards and you will get an experience that we did not all expect to provide.


Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring U10 tournament ended and we are sharing with You the moments from our event.
This time we had teams from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We are very sorry that teams from Italy and Norway could not come because of the war in Ukraine.
Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring U10 winners are:
1st place RFS (Latvia)
2nd place Daugavplis (Latvia)
3rd place FA Ateitis (Lithuania)
We are very glad that all the teams came to us with the big wish to be the best and that showed on the pitch.
Congratulations one more time to all the participants.
See You all next time at Ateitis CUP Young Talents 2022 in May.
This weekend, 25-27th of March, we ended Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring U9 tournament. We are very happy that this time we avoided big traumas and the tears on the kids faces were only because of winning or loosing.
This time teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania took place in our tournament but the good mood and the football spirit was always on the field.
Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring U9 tournaments results:
1st place FA Ateitis (Lithuania);
2nd place RFS (Latvia);
3rd place FA Žalgirietis (Lithuania).
Next tournament is waiting for You this May – Ateitis CUP Young Talents 2022.

We are proud to announce that Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring tournament is doing great and every weekend we have different age groups. This week we will have two age groups in our tournament – teams U10 and U9.

We are very sorry that teams from Italy are not coming because of the war in Ukraine but we are happy that teams from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland in all Lithuania are still coming to us and showing the great football.

All the matches will be held in Sportima arena – the biggest and best football stadium in Vilnius with artificial grass.

Don’t miss this super great event and come to visit wonderful city Vilnius on 25-27 of March, 2022.


This weekend we had another football festive - this time with teams from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Finland representing the U11 age group.
There were fierce battles on the football field for all three days of the tournament, all the guys wanted to perform as well as possible and take the highest possible place in the standings.
This time the prizes were won by the following teams:
1st place Ilves (Finland),
2nd place RFS (Latvia),
3rd place FM Audra (Lithuania).

The following young talents have been awarded with individual awards:
Best Striker - Hammarby Sweden Nr.13 Lioneli Garcia,
Best Midfielder - RFS Riga Latvia Nr.21 Martins Sekkans,
Best Defender - Ilves Finland Nr.85 Eemil Musu,
Best Goalkeeper - FM Audra Lithuania Nr.1 Vykintas Rūkštelė.

We are glad that not only many teams from foreign countries and Lithuania come to the tournament, but also the fans have become much more active after a long period of the pandemic. We hope that next weekend we will have the same mood on the fields and on the platforms for fans - the Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring U10 and U9 tournaments are waiting for us.

This weekend we had two Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring tournaments – U12 and U17 age groups tournaments.

This time we welcomed 18 teams at U12 tournament and 6 teams at U17 tournament.

This time teams came from Sakartvel, Latvia, Estonia and all the Lithuania.

Matches began on Friday and on Sunday we announced the winners!

U17 tournaments results:

1st place FM Ateitis team (Lithuania)

2nd place Daugava (Latvia)

3rd place Dinamo Batumi (Sakartvel)

U12 tournaments results:

1st place BFA (Lithuania)

2nd place Be1 NFA (Lithuania)

3rd place RFS (Latvia)

We are very glad that our tournament is going so well and next weekend (18-20th of March) we will have another Ateitis CUP 2022 Spring tournament of U11 age group! This time we are waiting for the teams from  Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Estonia and all other Lithuania!