U12 age group teams from Lithuania, Sweden and Latvia demonstrated their strength on the football pitch this weekend.

Although other top teams from Italy, Sakartvel and England were scheduled to take part in the tournament, some teams have suspended their trips in Europe.

This weekend was also memorable because we celebrated the Centenary of Lithuanian football. We are very glad we celebrated such an event with full days of football.

The winners of this weekend’s tournament are:

1 place Be1 (Lithuania)

2nd place FA Žalgirietis (Lithuania)

3rd place FM Granitas (Lithuania)

During the tournament, the five best players of the tournament were also awarded, who were congratulated by the main organizer of the tournament Dainius Gudaitis and Rimantas Turskis – the legendary player of Lithuanian football. All winners received commemorative statues and Adidas Ad Rihla balls – the official 2022 World Cup balls.

Throughout May, we will be delighted by the Ateitis CUP Young Talents tournaments of other age groups, where we are waiting for teams from Lithuania, Sakartvel, Latvia and Estonia. We hope that the project, which has started successfully, will be organized next year as well!