Amazing weekends, football festival, good emotions

This weekend finished the fourth tournament of this season. Emotions are increasing with each week. 5 more weeks to go.

We hope that the number of teams will only increase and everyone will have the opportunity to play with the strongest teams.

Every time we try to do our best so that the participants and support teams take away only positive memories.

In the U15 age group, TOP 3 teams were:

  1. FC «Dinamo Batumi» (Sakartvelo)
  2. FA «Geležinis vilkas» mėlyni Vilnius (Lithuania)
  3. TFA — Riteriai Vilnius (Lithuania)

In the U16 age group, TOP 3 teams were:

  1. TJK “Legion” Tallinn (Estonia)
  2. FS “Daugavpils” (Latvia)
  3. FC «Dinamo Batumi» (Sakartvelo)

Congratulations to the winning teams and all participants, and big thanks for your efforts and the celebration of football you have created.