Ateitis CUP with Lithuanian Football Federation’s support presents a new project – Football Webinars


At this challenging stage, when most football coaches are unable to work and train future young football stars around the world, we present you with a project of four webinars. Four Saturdays, coaches of the four strongest football academies and football experts from all over Europe, together with Ateitis CUP and LFF are ready to help you learn even more. The main topics of the webinars are related to the new approach to football training, the development of the main psychological accents not only for football coaches but also for their students, insights into the peculiarities of future work after the end of the pandemic.


Join us in the large community of football coaches and learn with us!

Ateitis CUP webinars schedule


Tim Kirk – a youth coach at Borussia Dortmund since 2016 (U12 and U13), Qualified Sport and English teacher, previously director of Football at Bath SFA  2003-2016.
Webinar topic: “A Human response to the COVID-19 pandemic”.
At this webinar Tim Kirk will be talking about how they are supporting their players at Borussia Dortmund during this difficult time: From crisis to chance: despite the challenges why this is a good chance for our players to develop? What do our players need? What we are doing? What does this mean for the future?
Webinar’s date: May 2 12:00  (EETC, UTC +2), 2 hours long (speech, brake, speech, questions-answers session).


Massimo Lucchesi is a UEFA‐certified coach, author of various soccer manuals and director of the Italian company With more than 20.000 registered users, our firm is the top Italian publisher and e‐platform working in the soccer coaching education field.

Over the last 10 years, his entire career has been dedicated to various soccer-related activities, all pursuing a specific formative objective.
As a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of Italy, Massimo had and has the opportunity to follow the daily work of many professional coaches and of some of the most acclaimed in the world, like Guardiola, Ancelotti, Sarri, Luis Enrique, Zeman, Conte, Prandelli, etc. Massimo also closely analyze different training methods of football schools, such as FC Barcelona, RSC Anderlecht, SL Benfica, FC Schalke 04, Juventus, AC Milan and so on.

Massimo often conducts national and international seminars. Therefore, Mr.Lucchesi frequently has the opportunity to take a closer look at the specific realities that exist within our worldwide soccer community. The comparison of such varied perspectives of the same world is a big part of his professional enrichment.

Massimo, as a member of Italian Coaches Association and as the director of, had the opportunity to follow the coaching sessions of the best coaches of the world and to talk with a lot of them.

A great experience to learn the ideas and the methods to manage a football team.

Massimo had also the opportunity to visit some of the best academies in Europe and to know the best strategies to develop younger talents.

He is ready to share with you his knowledge and insights on how to help today’s young footballers achieve their goals very soon. Do not miss this authentic webinar and join the football community all over the world.


Guillermo Hamdan Zaragoza – Professional soccer coach and sports scientist. His main place of work is Real Madrid University, where he has been teaching since 2015. Currently, he is co-director and instructor in Master in Football Player Development. At Real Madrid Foundation Mr Guillermo also works as the head coach for player clinics and coaching education.UEFA Pro Trainer License badge, Instructor for AFC Pro Licenses.

Guillermo Hamdan specialises in high-performance training (Real Madrid University).

Webinar topic: “Tactical layout in the Spanish style of play: The webinar will be about within a style of play, choosing the training concepts to work on and also the tactical movements and the principles that we want in each zone and phase of the game.”


James Brayne – Masters Degree in Elite Coaching Performance, 1st Class Hons Degree in Football Studies, LMA Student of the year award 2014, UEFA A License, Complete FA Youth Award, FA Advanced Youth Award 2017, BFAS, DBS.





 Webinars main topics:

  • players going from one age bracket to another;
  • problems they encounter in football;
  • problems they encounter outside of football (change in school and etc);
  • going from U16 schoolboy to U17 1st year of scholarship (Full-time football);
  • breaking through from academy to first-team (barriers between different environments)
The price of one webinar is 20 EUR
The package of four webinars – 70 EUR 
If you can’t participate in the live webinar – we will send you a webinar video).
Webinar duration – 2 hours (presentation, break, presentation, webinar question-answer session).
Each participant will receive an e-certificate.