The biggest baltic country based tournament,  “Ateitis CUP”, ends its third weekend with youngsters from Swedens “Hammarby” becoming the champions.

“Hammarby” has now won the tournament twice in a row. Last year they beat Helsink’s HJK in the final over penalties, this year as well their final game against Brest “Dynamo” came down to penalties.

The battle for bronze was also an incredible match. The Belarussian derby between Riga “Metta” and BFC “Daugavpils”, looked over after “Metta” went 0-2 down, but they didn’t give up and came back with 3 goals, securing the 3rd spot.


Best tournament players:


Final standings:

  1. FC „Hammarby“ (Sweden)
  2.  „Dynamo“ Brest (Belarus)
  3.  „Metta“ Riga (Latvia)
  4. BFC „Daugavpils“ (Latvia)
  5. HJK  Helsink(Finland)
  6. FK „Minsk“ (Belarussia)
  7.  „Dinamo“ Riga (Latvia)
  8.  „Smena“ Minsk (Belarus)
  9. FC „Torino“ (Italy)
  10.  „Voluntas Montichiari“ Bresia (Italy)
  11. FA  „Žalgirietis“Vilnius (Lithuania)
  12.  BATE  Borisov (Belarus)
  13. FK „Babite“ (Latvia)
  14. FC „Lugano“ (Switzerland)
  15. „Vostok“  Elektrostal  (Russia)
  16.  „Tiskor“ Minsk (Belarus)
  17. FC „Alliance“ (Estonia)
  18. NFA (Lithuania)
  19. TJK „Legion“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  20. FM „Vilnius“ (Lithuania)
  21.  „Harju“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  22.  „Nomme United“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  23.  „Kalev“  Tallinn (Estonia)
  24.  „Khamovniki“  Moscow (Russia)
  25. „Dinamo“ Chisinau (Moldova)
  26.  „Vityaz“ Odincovo (Russia)
  27. FM „Ateitis“ (Lithuania)
  28.  „Olimp“  Vologda (Russia)

This weekend will be the start of the U14 Cup. “Middlesbrough” England,  “Vaigingen” Germany and other teams from countries like Georgia, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will compete.

Dortmund’s “Borussia” youngster took the 3rd spot this weekend in the U12 “Ateitis CUP”, but before going back to Germany they visited the municipality of the capital city and later Lithuania’s football federation, where they were greeted by the president, Tomas Danilevičius.

“The tournament is growing, so it’s only natural for the government and the football federation to show support. In 8 weekends around 10,000 foreigners will visit Lithuania, because of the tournament, and being appreciated for it only seems fair.

“The tournament is growing, so it’s only natural way to show support. In 8 weekends around 10,000 foreigners will visit Lithuania, because of the tournament, and being appreciated for it only seems fair. “

Dortmund’s “Borussia” are visiting for a second year in a row and it doesn’t seem like the last.

“Borussia” is not the only big name that will compete this year. Turino “Juventus”, “Lugano” and Kiev “Dinamo” . This weekend will be played by the U13 group were teams such as FC “Torino”, Borisov BATE, Helsinki HJK, Stockholm’s “Hammarby”, “Lugano” and others, will compete to become the champions of “Ateitis CUP”.



“Ateitis CUP” – a tournament uniting 36 teams for 90 hours of football, comes to an end with Kiev “Dinamo”  becoming the grand champions.

“It’s undeniable that Kiev “Dinamo” were the strongest team, however, the tournament continues with the other age groups and many more teams will compete to be remembered. “- said Dainius Gudaitis, the main organizer.

The 3rd place went to Dortmund “Borussia” after beating NSA from Norway 4:1.

In total, teams from 14 different countries competed. Jaroslav Kuzmenko was the highest scorer, Tim Schliech from “Borussia” was chosen the best goalkeeper, Jevgenij Didych was the best defender, Micheil Saja was the best midfielder and Mathias Guterud from NSA was chosen the best striker.


Final standings:

1. Kiev “Dinamo” (Ukraine)

2. Tbilisi “Dinamo” (Georgia)

3. Dortmund “Borussia” (Germany)

4. Oslo NSA (Norway)

5. FK “Rostov” (Russia)

6.  “Dinamo” Minsk (Belarus)

7. HJK Helsinki  (Finland)

8.  BATE Borisov (Belarus)

9. “Metalist”   Charkovo  (Ukraine)

10. FC “Lugano” (Switzerland)

11.  “Dynamo” Brest (Belarus)

12. “Dinamo”  Riga (Latvia)

13.  RCOR-BGU Minsk (Belarus)

14.  ACADEM  Riga (Latvia)

15. BWB “Bath” (England)

16. FM “Vilnius” (Lithuania)

17.  SDJUSSHOR-7 Mogiliov (Belarus)

18. FM  “Ateitis” (Lithuania)

19. Tallinn “Levadia” (Estonia)

20. GrIFK (Finland)

21. Tallinn “Kalev” (Estonia)

22. AFA “Olaine” (Latvia)

23.  “Hammarby” Stockholm (Sweden)

24. FK “Garliava” (Lithuania)

25.  “Mal” Korosten (Ukraine)

26. Minsk FSHM (Belarus)

27. JDFS “Alberts” (Latvia)

28. FM “Vilnius-2” (Lithuania)

29.  DJUSSH-1 Kiev (Ukraine)

30.  “Metta”  riga (Latvia)

31. BFC “Daugavpils” (Latvia)

32.  “Skjold” Copenhagen (Denmark)

33. SK “Babite” (Latvia)

34. St. Petersburg “Titans” (Russia)

35. “Legion” Tallinn (Estonia)

36.  SDJUSSHOR Dinamo-3 Minsk (Belarus)

This friday is the begging of the second “Ateitis CUP” 2018 Autumn tournament, which will be played by the U12 age group. The tournament will use 4 stadiums over the span of 3 days to play 108 matches or 90 hours of football. Numbers like these are new to the tournaments history.

“This will be the first time, where some of the matches won’t be played in Vilnius. Due to massive participation, some of the games will be played in Širvintai. At first, we thought 36 teams won’t be a problem, but then reality caught up to us and there was no turning back. It’s still early to say, but I think we prepared ourselfs pretty well for this challenge” ,- the main tournament organiser, Dainius Gudaitis, about the upcoming tournament.

Big name teams such as Dortmund “Borussia”, Kijevo “Dinamo”, Tbilisi “Dinamo” will have their academies compete in the tournament. There will also be teams from Scandinavia, England, Russia, Belarussia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and , of course, Lithuania.

“I’ve mentioned this before, how we set a goal of bringing 10,000 visitors to Lithuania over 8 weekends. So far it’s been a good start and we just need to keep it up”,- D.Gudaitis.

The tournament will be held in “Sportima”, “LFF”, “Fanų” and Širvintų stadiums. The games begin at 8 A.M Friday and the closing ceremony begins on sunday 1:30 P.M.

This weekend is the beginning of the biggest Baltic countries football tournament “Ateitis CUP”. As expected, U8 winners were “Juventus” Torino, who beat “Dinamo” Minsk 2:1 in the final.


“Quite sad actually, we had multiple opportunities but failed to use them. On the other hand, the tournament itself was amazing. Not every weekend do you get the opportunity to play against teams like Turino “Juventus”, “Lugano” or Kaliningrads “Baltika” ;- Minsk “Dinamo” coach, Stanislav Parmonov.


The 3rd place was taken by Kaliningrad “Baltika” who defeated Minsk FSHM 3:0.

Along side the eight year olds, the U-6 group was also being played. In this age group Kauno “Fortūna” were the grand champions.

This upcoming weekend will be played by the U12 age group, were big name team academies will compete. Dortmund „Borussia“, Kiev „Dinamo“, Tbilisi „Dinamo“, Bath BWB, „Lugano“ and other teams from Scandinavia , Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

This Friday will mark the start of the annual tournament “Ateitis CUP”, which will be held for 8 weekends. This year again, the tournament, will be full of big name teams along the lines of Turino “Juventus”, Dortmund “Borussia”, “Liverpool”, Bergamo “Atalanta” and other well known academies. A new record of participants will be reached.

“For the first time in the tournaments history, because of the growth in participants, we will be forced to have some of the matches be played outside of Vilnius. Of course, this type of growth only makes us smile, but it shows we still have a long road ahead of us”,- the founder and organiser ,Dainius Gudaitis.

The first age groups to participate will be the U8 and U6. Only Lithuanian teams will participate in the six year old tournament, but the eight year old groups will have teams like “Juventus” , “Lugano”, as well as other known teams from Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus

“Ateitis CUP” just a couple of years ago became the biggest Baltic country tournament and it only continues to grow. This year in the stadium “Sportima” all games will be broadcasted live to youtube, in the stadium itself, a giant screen will be hang up to rewatch moments and past tournament highlights. Currently we expect around 10,000 visitors (players, parents and their coaches included) from around the world to visit Lithuania for the tournament.