Tallinn “Legion” of Estonia 5: 0 defeated Torino FC and has become  the Spring tournament winners. In the finale all five goals were scored by Alexander Shapovalov – player who scored the most goals in this tournament. “Legion” has won all five games that were played in this tournament. In the minor final, Azerbaijan’s “Gabala” 2: 0 defeated Minsk ” SDJUSSHOR-Dinamo” and became the winner of the bronze.

Among the ten teams that participated in the tournament, two were Lithuanian teams – Klaipėda “Baltai” and  FS  “Ateitis.” They shared the seventh and eighth places.

The final table of the tournament:

  1. TJK „Legion“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  2. FC „Torino“ (Italy)
  3. SC „Gabala“ (Azerbaijan)
  4.  „SDJUSSHOR-Dinamo“ Minsk  (Belarus)
  5. FC „Riga“ (Latvia)
  6.  “BATE” Borisov (Belarus)
  7.  „Baltai“ Klaipėda (Lithuania)
  8.  „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  9. FK „Minsk“ (Belarus)
  10. RFSH Riga (Latvia)


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In Sportima’s arena, this Friday, Ateitis Cup U-14 tournament will start between ten teams. For the first time in Lithuania FC Torino (Italy) and SC Gabala (Azerbaijan) teams will compete in this tournament.

“The Italian teams in our tournaments is not news, but it is pleasure to invite another elite team. The arrival of “Gabala” has just reminded us that we are on the right track. Those who want to participate have been significantly more, but simply we have no the possibility to accept more participants in Sportima “, – summarized the tournament organizer Dainius Gudaitis.

The tournament will also be attended by two Lithuanian teams – the host team “Ateitis” and “Baltai” from Klaipėda. Belarus will be represented by three teams: “BATE” Borisov, “SDJUSSHOR-Dinamo” Minsk and FC” Minsk “; two Latvian teams: RFSH and FC Riga “; and Estonian team- TJK “Legion” Tallinn.

The tournament will start on Friday 7:55 and will close on Sunday – 12.00.