A confident final finish for “Atalanta” of 5-1, against Moscow “Dynamo”, almost did not happen because of a shaky quarter-final start against Brest “Dynamo”, where they only won after a penalty shootout.

3 different Italian teams participated of which 2 won silverware. One of the semi-finals needed 34 penalty shoots taken before a victor was clear.

The longest penalty shootout in “Ateitis CUP” history was between Moscow “Dynamo” and Lithuanian academy “NFA”, in which the Russians walked away with the winners spoils.

The final was a clear cut game – “Dynamo” were not on par with the Italians. From the very start “Atalanta” dominated the game and ended with a crushing 5-1.


Final standings:


  1. Bergamo “Atalanta” (Italy)
  2.  “Dynamo” Moscow  (Rusija)
  3. “Accademia Calcio Como” (Italy )
  4. NFA (Lithuania)
  5.  “Dynamo” Brest (Belarus)
  6. BFC “Daugavpils” (Latvia)
  7. FK “Minsk” (Belarus)
  8. KuPS (Finland)

  1. FM “Vilnius” (Lithuania)
  2. TFA (Lithuania)