32 teams competed with ages from 6, 7 and 8 years old for the final spring session of Ateitis CUP. In the oldest age group bracket AC “Milan” were victorious, 7 year olds by Vilniaus “Ketera” and the youngest 6 year olds by Kaliningrad “Championika”.

U-8 were dominated by AC “Milan” who scored 62 goals and only conceded 5, winning the final with a sure result of 4:1 against Minsk “Dinamo”.


The third spot went to Vilniaus “Ateitis” who beats “Granitas” with a confident 3:0. In 7 games that they played, the only defeat was to AC “Milan”.

Best players: Acmile Cremonesi (AC “Milan”), Michail Orehvo (“Dinamo”), Nikita Zubanov (“Ateitis”), Steponas Steikūnas (“Granitas”).



U-7 final was between 2 of Vilniaus teams “Ateitis” and “Ketera”. Even though “Ateitis” took an early goal lead, “Ketera” pulled backed and won 4:1.


Best players: Gediminas Mikelevičius (“Ketera”), Timotiejus Kasteckas (“Ateitis”), Domas Stačkūnas (“Šiauliai”), Gediminas Ratner (“Audra”).


The youngest boys played in a wheel format with 6 teams to decide the winner. The guest team from Russia Kaliningrad “Championika” became the champions with a close second from “Audra” and third “Ketera”.

One of the all time biggest “Ateitis CUP” tournaments, filled with many great academies, ended with lots of upsets. In 3 days almost 200 matches were played, with Ukraine’s “Karpaty” winning the U15 group, Latvia’s “RFS” in the U11 and Wale’s “Cardiff city” in the U9 side.


In the oldest group, academy teams like “Twente”, “Lugano” and already mentioned “Karpaty”, participated for the first time. Lithuania was represented by “NFA” and “Ateitis”.

The final was between the 2 group winners, Borisov BATE and “Karpaty”. The Ukrainians were slightly ahead and won 2-0. “NFA” ended fifth, and “Ateitis” 9th.


32 teams participated in the U-11 age group. The first big sensation – “Birmingham City” placing outside of top 8. The best performing Lithuanian team was TFA, who placed sixth.

The final was is not what you would have expected to be. Juventus were dominated against by RFS, taking a two goal lead. The Italian retook the second half but were unable to even out the result.


And in the junior group, “Cardiff City” were  the leading team, winning all six of their games, including a 4-1 win in the final against Minsk “Smena”.

A big surprise was Italy’s AC “Milan” not reaching the final, losing out to “Smena”. The Italians redeemed themselves by claiming bronze silverware.

Three days of football for three different age groups, however only so many can emerge victorious. In the U10 was taken by Turino “Juventus”, U12 by “Tukums” from Latvia and the U17 Lithuanian representatives “Žalgiris” .

First the youngest group. The final between Turino “Juventus” and Lithuanian champions Kauno “Tauras” was an enthralling game to the very end. A strong performance from the young Italians guaranteed a dominating result of 6:0.



The Latvian champions “Tukums” showed their true power and ruled over the U12 age group. A 5:1 final against Moscow “Deviatka” was the most competition the team faced.



The elder group was played in a wheel system, where all teams played each other to see who would stand above all. Vilniaus “Žalgiris” had achieved this task by getting a draw with Minsk SDJUSSHOR “Dinamo”, which was enough for them to win.



This weekend will be played by kids born at 2004, 2008 and 2010.