In the penultimate Ateitis CUP 2016 tournament competed 28 teams from 9 countries. Among the guests, we could have seen Italian, Spanish, and for the first time in the tournament, Swiss teams.

The biggest surprise of the tournament was Juventus young football players appearance – they only took the 8th place, losing both the quarterfinals and the further matches for the fifth and seventh places.

The Swiss, team which was in this tournament for in the first time, had a lot of luck with their first two games, but they suffered a heavy blow form the third one, the fight against Kaliningrad SDJUSSHOR’s, and so they did not manage to get into the top eight.

Soocer Barcelona Youth Academy’s students suffered a similar impact, they not only won all three victories, but also showed the best result among all 28 teams. Unfortunately, this fact did not help in the quarterfinals, which were lost to Minsk FSHM, the bronze winners.

The best in the tournament was Dinamo Kyiv, team that defeated Juventus in the quarterfinal,  TFA Milan in the semifinal, and in the final,  “Dinamo” Minsk.

In the final, Minsk youths were able to recover after a missed goal, but in the second half, guests from Kyiv showed what they are really capable of.

In the minor finals, Minsk FSHM, only after penalties won against the Lithuanian team’s “TFA Milan” youths who had the best performance in between Lithuanian teams . No other team had managed to get to the top eight.

Final places:

  1. „Dinamo“ Kyiv(Ukraine)
  2.  „Dinamo“ Minsk (Belarus)
  3. Minsko FSHM-1 (Belarus)
  4.  „TFA Milanas“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  5. Soccer Barselona youth academy (Spain)
  6. SDJUSSHOR Kaliningrad (Russia)
  7. FK „Minsk“ (Belarus)
  8.  „Juventus“ Turino (Italy)
  9.  „Smena“ Minsk (Belarus)
  10. „Etoile Carouge“ (Switzerland)
  11.  „Baltai-1“ Klaipėda (Lithuania)
  12. FK „Minsk-2“ (Belarus)
  13. FK „Tukums“ (Latvia)
  14.  „Baltai-2“ Klaipėda(Lithuania)
  15.  „Harju“ (Estonia)
  16.  „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  17.  „Žalgirietis“ Vilnius  (Lithuania)
  18.  „Dinamo“ Riga (Latvia)
  19.  „Metta“ Riga (Latvia)
  20.  „Audra“ Vilnius  (Lithuania)
  21.  BFA Vilnius  (Lithuania)
  22.  „Sturm“ Minsk (Belarus)
  23. FM „Vilnius“ (Lithuania)
  24.  „Kalev“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  25. FM „Vilnius 2007“ (Lithuania)
  26.  „Baltika“ Kaliningrad (Russia)
  27. Minsk FSHM-2 (Belarus)
  28.  SHFS Riga (Latvia)


BF6O0166 BF6O0168 BF6O0170 BF6O0172 BF6O0175 BF6O0191 BF6O0200 BF6O0234 BF6O0244 BF6O0256


“Ateitis CUP” turnyrą šturmuos dešimtmečiai

Šeštą savaitgalį iš eilės Vilniuje vykstantis didžiausias Baltijos šalyse tarptautinis vaikų futbolo turnyras šį penktadienį į kovas sukvies dešimtmečius jaunuosius futbolininkus, tarp kurių, svečiai iš Italijos, Ispanijos, Šveicarijos, Ukrainos, Latvijos, Baltarusijos, Estijos ir Rusijos. Iš viso turnyre dalyvaus 28 komandos.

“Kaip ir daugelyje kitų grupių, taip ir čia – mes surinkome turbūt maksimalų skaičių komandų. Daugiau tiesiog fiziškai neįmanoma sutalpinti į maniežą, kurį turime. Aišku, tai mūsų darbo įvertinimas ir tuo labai džiaugiamės”, – apie būsimą turnyrą kalbėjo pagrindinis jo organizatorius Dainius Gudaitis.

Dešimtmečių turnyras – šeštasis iš septynių, kurie vyks šį rudenį. Po savaitės laukiama dar didesnio aktyvumo, nes keturiose skirtingose amžiaus grupėse dalyvaus apie 80 komandų.


On the sixth weekend in a row the largest international children’s football tournament which will start part in Vilnius, this Friday, will bring together 10 year-old young football players, among which, the guests from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia and Russia. 28 in total teams will participate in the tournament.

“Like many other groups, and here – we have compiled perhaps the maximum number of teams. More will simply not fit the field, which we have. On the other hand, this an appreciation of our work and we are very happy about it, “- said main organizer Dainius Gudaitis. U10 tournament – is the sixth of the seven, of which will be held in this fall. After a week, are expecting to be even more activity, because in four different age groups about 80 teams will participate.





In the largest of the Baltic states the international youth football tournament “Ateitis CUP” this weekend competed 28 teams of 11 year-olds from 10 countries. Among the most famous names we could see Torino “Juventus”  and Kyiv “Dinamo”   academies. True, both have failed to become champions.

Helsinki’ HJK young players became the winners. They in the semi-final after a penalty shoot-out defeated the Swedish “Hammarby” peers, and in the final 1: 0 defeated another strong team – Kyiv “Dinamo” . In the small final “Hammarby” 2: 0 defeated Finnish Kappa and became the bronze winners.

The most successful among the Lithuanian teams were youngsters from Vilnius. “Žalgirietis” in the battle for fifth place, 1: 3 lost to Juventus team, and the Lithuanian’s champions Vilnius FM players had lost the last match after the penalties against FC “Minsk”, so they remained in the 10th place.

“I want to congratulate you all for participating in this beautiful even, but at the same time remember, that the life of football does not end here, so do not forget to popularize football and enjoy it, “- said the LFF president, Edvinas Eimontas.

After a week of we will have the U10 tournament. In “Ateitis CUP  will compete 28 teams, among which we will see again Juventus and Dinamo Kiev.

2005 the final standings:

  1.  HJK Helsinki (Finland)
  2. „Dinamo“ Kyiv (Ukraina)
  3. „Hammarby“ Stockholm(Sweden)
  4. „Käpylän Pallo“ (Finland)
  5.  „Juventus“ Torino (Italy)
  6.  „Žalgirietis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  7. FK „Minsk-2“ (Belarus)
  8. „Metta“ Riga (Latvia)
  9. FK „Minsk“ (Belarus)
  10. Vilnius FM (Lithuania)
  11. FK „Babite“ (Latvia)
  12. „Tauras“ Kaunas (Lithuania)
  13. „Dinamo“ Minsk (Belarus)
  14.  „Banga“ Gargždai (Lithuania)
  15.  „Baltika“ Kaliningrad (Russia)
  16. Vilnius FM-2 (Liithuania)
  17. FK „Tukums“ (Latvia)
  18.  „Sturm“ (Belarus)
  19. Šiauliai FA (Lithuania)
  20. „Spartaks“ Jurmala(Latvia)
  21. Minsko „Smena“ (Belarus)
  22. BFC „Daugavpils“ (Latvia)
  23. BWB „Bath“ (England)
  24.  „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  25.  „Harju“ (Estonia)
  26. Tartu „Merkuur“ (Estonia)
  27.  „TFA-Milanas“ (Lithuania)
  28. FK „Maardu“ (Estonia)

DPP_0800 DPP_0801 DPP_0802 DPP_0803 DPP_0804 DPP_0805 DPP_0806 DPP_0807 DPP_0808 DPP_0809 DPP_0810

In “Ateitis CUP2016” tournament players of the birth of 2000 and 2001 have won cups and personal prices. Both winners came to light only after the 11 meters penalties. In the group of fifteen year-olds, triumphed Riga’s “Metta” and in sixteen year-olds group – FA Liepaja.

” Some teams participated in the tournament for the seventh year in a row, so for me, as a leader, it is an extraordinary experience to see how children are growing and slowly taking their first steps into the man’s football. “- said the tournament soul Dainius Gudaitis.

Both group’s teams have played five matches. There were no goals in the final match between “Liepaja”  and Kaliningrad’s “Baltika” but in a penalty shoot-out Latvian’s representatives were stronger. In the small final Tallinn’s “Infonet” 1: 0 have defeated FC “Minsk”.

In the fifteen year-olds group, winners were also revealed only after a 11-meter penalties. Riga’s “Metta” became the  champions, from 8 penalties they scored 7, and BFC “Daugavpils”  have failed to score their last one and so they were given the second place. In the small final Kaliningrad’s “Baltika” 4: 1 overcame Tallinn “Legion” and became the bronze winners.

2000 Final Standings:

  1. FA „Liepaja“ (Latvia)
  2. „Baltika“ Kaliningrad (Russia)
  3. „Infonet“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  4. FC „Minsk“ (Belarus)
  5. SHFS Riga (Latvia)
  6. „Smena“ Minsk (Belarus)
  7. „Žalgirietis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  8. „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)

2001 Final Standings”

  1. „Metta“ Riga (Latvija)
  2. BFC „Daugavpils“ (Latvia)
  3. „Baltika“ Kaliningrad (Russia)
  4. „Legion“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  5. „Dinamo“ Minsk (Belarus)
  6. SDJUSSHOR Kaliningrad (Russia)
  7. „Krumkachy“ Minsk (Belarus)
  8. FA „Liepaja“ (Latvia)
  9. „Žalgirietis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  10. „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)


IMG_0072 IMG_0070 IMG_0068 IMG_0064 IMG_0062 IMG_0060 IMG_0091 IMG_0086 IMG_0105 IMG_0076 IMG_0082 IMG_0102

“Ateitis CUP. 2016. Autumn” U-13 best players


IMG_9274 IMG_9271 IMG_9268 IMG_9263 IMG_9262


Final table:

  1. FC “Liverpool” (England)



2. “Metta” Riga (Latvia)



3. “Legion” Tallinn (Estonia)



4. “Sarguno sporto gimnazija” Panevezys (Lithuania)

5. “Nomme United” Tallinn (Estonia)

6. “Baltai” Klaipeda (Lithuania)

7. “Atalanta” Bergamo (Italy)

8. “Baltika” Kaliningrad (Russia)

9. “Zalgirietis” Vilnius (Lithuania)

10. FK “Minsk” (Belarus)

11. “Dinamo” Minsk (Belarus)

12. SDJUSSHOR-7 Mogiliov (Belarus)

13. FSHM Moscow (Russia)

14. “Harju” Jalgpallikool (Estonia)

15. BFC “Daugavpils” (Latvia)

16. “Vorksla” Poltava (Ukraine)

17. “Dinamo Riga (Latvia)

18. “Lokomotiv” Kyiv (Ukraine)

19. SDJUSSHOR Minsk (Belarus)

20. SHFS Riga (Latvia)

21. “Ateitis” Vilnius (Lithuania)

22. BFA Vilnius (Lithuania)

23. “Tauras” Kaunas (Lithuania)

24. “TFA Milanas” Vilnius (Lithuania)


First time FC “Liverpool” players  participated in the biggest tournament in the Baltic states “Ateitis CUP 2016” . They have defeated Riga’s  “Metta” by penalties in the final and became the winners of 13-year-olds.

Current English Premier League leader’s youths begun their game successfully, they were leading by 3: 1, but in the last three minutes they missed two goals and then teams stood up for the 11-meter penalties. Liverpool scored all five times. They celebrated their victory with a song  “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

“We are very happy that we managed to win in such a difficult battle. The finale was spectacular, no doubt that the public enjoyed it “,- the coach Marc Bridge-Wilkinson, noted that this teen generation will certainly be known even in adult football.

In the minor finals Tallinn’s “Legion” 3: 0 have defeated pupils from Panevezys R.Sarguno sports gymnasium .This  team had the best performance in between Lithuania’s teams and  got to the top 4 teams due to the amazing victory against “Nõmme United” team form Estonia.

Bergamo “Atalanta” players have surprisingly lost their’s first match and finally took the 7th place. “The Italian team’s place is the perfect representation of this tournament level. Maybe I don’t remember, but it seems to me that it was the strongest tournament over  “Ateitis Cup” history. On the one hand it required a lot of work, on the other hand – we are very happy, “- at the end said the tournament main organizer, Dainius Gudaitis.

Penktadienį startavusiame „Ateitis CUP“ trylikamečių grupės turnyre „Liverpool“ futbolininkai per pirmąsias dvejas rungtynes sumušė dešimt įvarčių bei tapo pirmos dienos lydere.

Tuo metu, viena stipriausių Europoje – Bergamo „Atalanta“ pirmose turnyro rungtynėse nusileido Talino „Legion“ ekipai bei stipriai apsunkino galimybes kovoti dėl pirmos vietos grupėje.

Turnyras tęsis ir šeštadienį, o finalinė diena sekmadienį.


“‘Liverpool” had two matches in the tournament so far, in which they scored 10 goals and became the leader of the day.
At that time, one of the strongest academies in Europe – Bergamo “Atalanta” in the first game of the tournament have lost to Tallinn “Legion” team and complicated the fight for first place in the group.
The tournament will continue on Saturday, and the final day on Sunday.


An extraordinary weekend in the largest of the Baltic states international youth football tournament “Ateitis Сup 2016 ” – in between 24 thirteen year olds teams we will be able to see the FC “Liverpool” and Bergamo “Atalanta” academies. In total, eight countries will compete in the tournament.

“The hosting of this tournament was the most challenging of all” said the main tournament organizer Dainius Gudaitis.

FC “Liverpool’s” performance will begin in “Sportima” with the tournament host FM “Ateitis” at 13:10. The second match at 16:20 with Kyiv “Lokomotiv” players.

Bergamo “Atalanta” will play its first match in “Sportima” at 9:50 against TJK “Legion”, and 15:30 with SDJUSSHOR Minsk peers.
The schedule can be found here: