“Ateitis” for seven years were organizing the tournaments for boys, and this weekend they took a new step – they had organized a tournament for girls in which ten teams competed in the U-17 and U-13 groups. “Ateitis 2004” team’s boys with no competition fought against the older teams of girls.

In the group of five teams, the majority of the matches ended in 1 goal difference, and the finals required a penalty shootout. “Minsk A” team became the winners after they equaled the score with a fantastic long shot goal in the last minute and beat Vilnius FM team in the penalties.
“MFA Zalgiris” girls triumphed in the minor finals after very hard fight against “Minsk B “team. The only goal was scored at the end of duels.

In the junior’s group also triumphed girls from Minsk, in the finals they beat the Belarusian  team. The minor final was not played, and the two third places went to Vilnius and Kaunas FM Tauras teams.

 The U-17 final standings:
1.  FK Minsk (Belarus)
2.  FM Vilnius (Lithuania)
3.  MFA Zalgiris Vilnius (Lithuania)
4.  FK Minsk-2 (Belarus)
5.  “Ateitis 2004” Vilnius (Lithuania) *
* Without competition
U-13 final standings:
1.  FC “A Minsk (Belarus)
2.  FC “B Minsk (Belarus)
3-4. FM Tauras Kaunas (Lithuania)
3-4. FM Vilnius (Lithuania)
5.   FC Babite (Lithuania)