“Ateitis CUP” – a tournament uniting 36 teams for 90 hours of football, comes to an end with Kiev “Dinamo”  becoming the grand champions.

“It’s undeniable that Kiev “Dinamo” were the strongest team, however, the tournament continues with the other age groups and many more teams will compete to be remembered. “- said Dainius Gudaitis, the main organizer.

The 3rd place went to Dortmund “Borussia” after beating NSA from Norway 4:1.

In total, teams from 14 different countries competed. Jaroslav Kuzmenko was the highest scorer, Tim Schliech from “Borussia” was chosen the best goalkeeper, Jevgenij Didych was the best defender, Micheil Saja was the best midfielder and Mathias Guterud from NSA was chosen the best striker.


Final standings:

1. Kiev “Dinamo” (Ukraine)

2. Tbilisi “Dinamo” (Georgia)

3. Dortmund “Borussia” (Germany)

4. Oslo NSA (Norway)

5. FK “Rostov” (Russia)

6.  “Dinamo” Minsk (Belarus)

7. HJK Helsinki  (Finland)

8.  BATE Borisov (Belarus)

9. “Metalist”   Charkovo  (Ukraine)

10. FC “Lugano” (Switzerland)

11.  “Dynamo” Brest (Belarus)

12. “Dinamo”  Riga (Latvia)

13.  RCOR-BGU Minsk (Belarus)

14.  ACADEM  Riga (Latvia)

15. BWB “Bath” (England)

16. FM “Vilnius” (Lithuania)

17.  SDJUSSHOR-7 Mogiliov (Belarus)

18. FM  “Ateitis” (Lithuania)

19. Tallinn “Levadia” (Estonia)

20. GrIFK (Finland)

21. Tallinn “Kalev” (Estonia)

22. AFA “Olaine” (Latvia)

23.  “Hammarby” Stockholm (Sweden)

24. FK “Garliava” (Lithuania)

25.  “Mal” Korosten (Ukraine)

26. Minsk FSHM (Belarus)

27. JDFS “Alberts” (Latvia)

28. FM “Vilnius-2” (Lithuania)

29.  DJUSSH-1 Kiev (Ukraine)

30.  “Metta”  riga (Latvia)

31. BFC “Daugavpils” (Latvia)

32.  “Skjold” Copenhagen (Denmark)

33. SK “Babite” (Latvia)

34. St. Petersburg “Titans” (Russia)

35. “Legion” Tallinn (Estonia)

36.  SDJUSSHOR Dinamo-3 Minsk (Belarus)