In the most popular in the Baltic states children’s football tournament “Ateitis Cup” this weekend competed the 2007, 2008 and 2010 group teams. This time in between the prize-winners were and Lithuanian teams.

In 2007 group the winners became Vilnius FM, trained by Gintas Klisys, who have won six victories, including the finals where they defeated Minsk “Dinamo” team. Swedish “Hammarby”  young players who were the favorites of this group, stayed in the third place, even though they in the minor final defeated FC “Minsk” . The best players of the 2007 group: Lukas Klisys (FM Vilnius) Gleb Drozd (Dinamo), Kiril Glasko (FC Minsk) and Jonathan Ure (IF Hammarby).

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The fantastic atmosphere was created by fans in the 2008 group final. With songs, the Italian AC Milan team parents, supported their children who, before have won five matches in a row. Even more noise was caused by FC” Granitas”  parents.

In the dramatic final “Granitas” took the lead, then missed two goals, later they tied the score and in the last minute got the decisive goal.

In the fight for third place  “Dinamo” was superior to “Hammarby”. The best players in this age group: Lupo Nojo (AC Milan), Norvilas Galadauskas (“Granitas”), Nurhan Gasimov (Dinamo), Mateo (Hammarby).

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In 2010 tournament  competed ten teams . Here triumphed  “Dinamo” Minsk, and  the third place took Thomas Staniunas FS “Ateitis” pupils. The best player: Maxim Salomicki (Dinamo), Andrej Bokovec (“Dinamo-2”), Evaldas Siaulys (“Ateitis”), Mantas Jurgelevicius (“Audra”).

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The final standings:

DOB 2007

  1. FM “Vilnius” (Lithuania)
  2. “Dinamo” Minsk (Belarus)
  3. IF “Hammarby” (Sweden)
  4. FK “Minsk” (Belarus)
  5. FA“Zalgirietis” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  6. SDJUSSHOR Kaliningrad (Russia)
  7. “Smena” Minsk (Belarus)
  8. FM “Vilnius-2” (Lithuania)
  9. “Granitas” (Lithuania)
  10. BFA Vilnius (Lithuania)
  11. “Banga” Gargždai (Lithuania)
  12. “Audra” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  13. “Jantarny” Kaliningrad (Russia)
  14. “TFA Milanas” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  15. FM “Ateitis” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  16. FA“Geležinis vilkas” Vilnius (Lithuania)


DOB 2008

  1. AC “Milan” (Italy)
  2. “Granitas”  (Lithuania)
  3. “Dinamo” Minsk (Belarus)
  4. IF “Hammarby” (Sweden)
  5. FM “Vilnius” (Lithuania)
  6. “Zalgirietis” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  7. A.Narbekovo FA (Lithuania)
  8. “Baltika” Kaliningrad (Rusia)
  9. “Ąžuolas” Kaunas (Lithuania)
  10. FA “Liepaja” (Latvia)
  11. “Wigry” Suvalki (Poland)
  12. “Svyturys” Klaipėda (Lithuania)
  13. “Zenit” St. Peterburg (Russia)
  14. “Spurtas” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  15. FA“Geležinis vilkas” (Lithuania)
  16. “Dinamo-2” Minsk (Belarus)
  17. “TFA Milanas” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  18. “Žalgirietis-2” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  19. “Ateitis 2009” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  20. “Ateitis-2” Vilnius (Lithuania)






DOB 2010

  1. “Dinamo” Minsk (Belarus)
  2. “Dinamo-2” Minsk (Belarus)
  3. “Ateitis” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  4. “Audra” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  5. FK “Minsk” (Belarus)
  6. “Margiris” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  7. “TFA Milanas” (Lithuania)
  8. FA “Liepaja” (Latvia)
  9. “Granitas”  (Lithuania)
  10. “Šalčia” Šalčininkai (Lithuania)