Famous football names, people on the grandstands and drama until the end of most matches – epitaphs for this weekend’s Ateitis CUP U-12 Tournament that triumphed over the young footballers of England’s Manchester City Football  Academy. They defeated Kyiv Dynamo peers in the final 1-0.

“It was a great weekend. In fact, we enjoyed football and the atmosphere here, ” said the coach of winners. The team will leave for England only on Monday, so they will have some time to discover the city of Vilnius.

Both teams – Manchester City and Kyiv Dynamo had a slow start but they made some improvements and they went till final. For both teams, the semi-finals were extremely challenging (and very exciting). Man City defeated Bergamo’s Atalanta, the favourite and then third, in a 1-0 win over Man City, while Dynamo Kyiv defeated Dynamo Tbilisi in a 2-1 win despite a missed first goal.

For the first time, the Lithuanian regional team participated in the tournament and remained ninth. The young Lithuanians, who started with Atalanta Bergamo defeat, later won five consecutive victories in the tournament. In the final duel of the tournament, the team led by Šarūnas Terleckas from the fifth minute defeated the Panevėžys Academy. Panevėžys team stayed in tenth place.

“Although I am subjective, I think we have created another great feast. It was one of the most exciting tournaments in our experience of all ten years. I really want to believe that the remaining six tournaments of this autumn cycle will not fall behind what we had this weekend, ”said Dainius Gudaitis, the main organizer of the tournament.

Thirteen-year-olds will compete next weekend for the Main Cup of the Ateitis CUP 2019 Autumn U-13.