The biggest baltic country based tournament,  “Ateitis CUP”, ends its third weekend with youngsters from Swedens “Hammarby” becoming the champions.

“Hammarby” has now won the tournament twice in a row. Last year they beat Helsink’s HJK in the final over penalties, this year as well their final game against Brest “Dynamo” came down to penalties.

The battle for bronze was also an incredible match. The Belarussian derby between Riga “Metta” and BFC “Daugavpils”, looked over after “Metta” went 0-2 down, but they didn’t give up and came back with 3 goals, securing the 3rd spot.


Best tournament players:


Final standings:

  1. FC „Hammarby“ (Sweden)
  2.  „Dynamo“ Brest (Belarus)
  3.  „Metta“ Riga (Latvia)
  4. BFC „Daugavpils“ (Latvia)
  5. HJK  Helsink(Finland)
  6. FK „Minsk“ (Belarussia)
  7.  „Dinamo“ Riga (Latvia)
  8.  „Smena“ Minsk (Belarus)
  9. FC „Torino“ (Italy)
  10.  „Voluntas Montichiari“ Bresia (Italy)
  11. FA  „Žalgirietis“Vilnius (Lithuania)
  12.  BATE  Borisov (Belarus)
  13. FK „Babite“ (Latvia)
  14. FC „Lugano“ (Switzerland)
  15. „Vostok“  Elektrostal  (Russia)
  16.  „Tiskor“ Minsk (Belarus)
  17. FC „Alliance“ (Estonia)
  18. NFA (Lithuania)
  19. TJK „Legion“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  20. FM „Vilnius“ (Lithuania)
  21.  „Harju“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  22.  „Nomme United“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  23.  „Kalev“  Tallinn (Estonia)
  24.  „Khamovniki“  Moscow (Russia)
  25. „Dinamo“ Chisinau (Moldova)
  26.  „Vityaz“ Odincovo (Russia)
  27. FM „Ateitis“ (Lithuania)
  28.  „Olimp“  Vologda (Russia)

This weekend will be the start of the U14 Cup. “Middlesbrough” England,  “Vaigingen” Germany and other teams from countries like Georgia, Finland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania will compete.