The fourth weekend of this season’s Ateitis CUP was competed by the most matured boys. Somewhat unexpectedly, both groups were triumphed by the young Latvians footballers and the much praised Liverpool FC academy only finished in third place.

The legendary English club youth players succesfully started the tournament and secured a spot in the semifinals by winning four matches in the group stages, in which they were awaited by their opponents from Riga “Supernova”.

Liverpool had an immense playstyle lead , sadly they were unable to capitalize their opportunities. The game was even until the last six minutes were “Supernova” scored the only goal and securing a spot to the finals.

Last year’s champions FC “Liverpool” were obviously not expecting such a goal. Even thou they succesfully beat their opponents to take the third place home, they didn’t show the same level of football as in the group stages.

The final showdown was between the mentioned “Supernova” and “Daugavpils” in which they played a tad bit better, but were defeated by penalties and took the second place.

Penalty series were also needed in the older age finals, where “Metta” took down the previously best looking team “Nomme united” from Estonia.

Labai banguotai grupėje žaidusi “Metta” į finalinį ketvertuką pateko kaip geriausią rezultatą turinti antrą vietą užėmusi komanda. Pusfinalyje prieš Rygos atstovus krito Kaliningrado SDJUSSHOR komanda.

Uncertain play from “Metta” in the group stages entered the final four teams as the team with the best goal difference of the second place from the groups. Its worth to mention that participating teams such as FK “Minsk” , Borisov BATE, Saint Petersburg “Brigantina”, “Pskov-747”, Smolensk “Iskra”, SDJUSSHOR and “Baltika” were all teams from Russia.

Next weekend will be the U11 Ateitis CUP tournament . Between 48 teams, you will be able to see the likes of FC “Liverpool”, Turin “Juventus” , Dortmund “Borussia” , Kiev “Dinamo”, Swedish, Finnish, Swiss and many more countries with their best teams.

The tournament will start the upcoming Thursday at the capital’s stadium “Sportima”. The winners will be announced on the Sunday afternoon.