The fifth weekend of “Ateitis CUP” held its oldest participants born from 2002 and 2003. Teams from England, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania competed but only one could come out on top – England’s “Middlesbrough” youngsters.

“Thank you for this opportunity. We truly enjoyed this our time here, in Lithuania, both on and off the pitch”,- England’s academy coaches.

“Middlesbrough” only defeated Latvian champions Ri “Supernova” Riga after penalties.

“We need to be realistic, they played a lot better, created more opportunities and won fairly. The penalties were also heartbreaking as we failed to score twice”,- “Supernova” coach opinion about the final.

The third spot battle was between 2 Lithuanian teams, where Paneveziys FA defeated Vilnius “Žalgiris” 2:1.

“ It’s disappointing that 2 mistakes early in the game took away the opportunity to compete in the final. Talking about individual performance, I’m quite pleased with my team”,- coach Darius Žindulis.

Best players:

Final standings:

  1. FC “Middlesbrough” (England)
  2.  “Supernova” Riga (Latvia)
  3. Panevėžio FA (Lithuania)
  4.  “Žalgirietis” FA (Lithuania)
  5.  “Baltika” Kaliningrad (Russia)
  6.  “Metta” Riga  (Latvia)
  7. BFC “Daugavpils” (Latvia)
  8.  “Legion” Tallinn (Estonja)
  9.  “Žalgirietis 2003” Vilnius (Lithuania)
  10.  “Titans” St. Petersburg (Russia)
  11. MRJK “Viimsi” (Estonia)
  12.  “Lokomotiv” St. Petersburg (Russia)