This weekend, 28 teams from 8 countries took part in the largest of the Baltic states children’s football tournament “Ateitis CUP. “Verona” and “Torino” played the first games.
Verona’s “Hellas” club who won all the matches in 2006 tournament, got scored only once in this tournament, and it happened in the finals. Although the result was 4: 0 in favor of Italian’s. BFA emerged to the finals and, achieved one of the best results among the Lithuanian teams in the recent years.
The Italians were fantastic in the year older group too. FC Torino representatives won all the matches, including the final, which ended by the score 3: 0. Lithuanian team Vilnius FM was very close to being a part of the final, but the young players lost the semi-final on the penalties.
Vilnius FM got their respect back then they won against “Buiucani”, the team which was led by the ex-player of Zalgiris.
FC Liverpool team did not make to the final four ,and remained fifth in the final standings.
DOB 2005

  1. FC „Torino“ (Italy)
  2. „Smena“ Minsk (Belarus)
  3. FM „Vilnius RED“ (Lithuania)
  4. CSCT „Buiucani“ (Moldova)
  5. FC „Liverpool“ (England)
  6. FM „Vilnius GREEN“ (Lithuania)
  7. „Legion“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  8. „Žalgirietis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  9. FK „Minsk“ (Belarus)
  10. „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  11. BFA Vilnius (Lithuania)
  12. FC „Vitebsk“ (Belarus)
  13. FC „Vilnius“ (Lithuania)
  14. „Tiskor“ Minsk (Belarus
  15. „Ateitis-2“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  16. „Sturm“ Minsk (Belarus)
DOB 2006

  1. „Hellas“ Verona (Italy)
  2. BFA Vilnius (Lithuania)
  3. „Dinamo“ Minsk (Belarus)
  4. SDJUSSHOR Kaliningrad (Russia)
  5. TFA Vilnius (Lithuania)
  6. „Žalgirietis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  7. „Legion“ Tallinn (Estonia)
  8. „Ateitis“ Vilnius (Lithuania)
  9. FM „Vilnius-1“ (Lithuania)
  10. „Skjold-1“ (Denmark)
  11. „Skjold-2“ (Denmark)
  12. FM „Vilnius-2“ (Lithuania)



The best players:

DOB 2005
Jack Scariano (“Torino”)
Timofej Martinov ( “Smena”)
Artiom Kočerga (FM “Vilnius”)
Mariuš Ursu (“Buiucani”)
 DOB 2006
Alesandro Pavanati (“Hellas”)
Margiris Čižas (BFA)
Stas Lapkis (“Dinamo” Minsk)
Bogdan Gniedo (SDJUSSHOR)