In an impressive start of the tenth-anniversary tournament Ateitis Cup, the eleven-year-old final was won by Tbilisi Dynamo team’s young footballers. In the final after a dramatic 1-0 defeat, they broke Vilnius ‘Žalgirietis’ peers.

Graduates of Dainius Greviškis were not the only representatives of Lithuania who managed to break into the strongest four of the tournament. It also featured Gargždai “Banga”, who lost to Dortmund Borussia in the minor final and won fourth place.


Over a decade of history, Lithuanian representatives have never achieved such an achievement in a tournament where Borussia, Manchester City, Birmingham City, Antalyaspor, Kyiv Dynamo and other famous clubs have competed.

“I always say our tournament is a perfect indicator. If two teams performed so well in the 2008 tournament, there is hope that we will have a good future. Overall, we had one of the strongest tournaments in history. Of course, we will continue to try to keep the cart high, ” said. Dainius Gudaitis, the founder of Ateitis CUP tournament.



Tbilisi Dinamo U11 team showed the most mature football in the tournament. The Sakartvelo’s team lost none of their goals throughout the tournament and beat Dortmund’s Borussia peers 1-0 in the semifinals.

“Of course, we always focus on the strongest, but I want to point out that those strongest could have been others. I don’t remember such a smooth tournament, to be honest. We calculated that in 78 games played, as many as 78 ended in a draw or one team win by one goal difference. I think it’s unique enough in children’s football, ” said D. Gudaitis.

Antalyaspor finished sixth in the final standings, Birmingham City (losing three series of penalties) – eighth and Manchester City – ninth.


Twelve-year-olds will compete next weekend for the main Cup of the Ateitis CUP. The most famous names in the tournament will be included with Manchester City, Bergamo Atalanta, Borisov BATE and Tbilisi Dinamo Club Academies. In addition, the Lithuanian national team will compete in the tournament, too.